1. “Culture War” Propaganda that Supports Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse
2. School Beatings in the News “Parental “Support” (as long as they remain ignorant)
3. Paddling: “Out of Control” Pseudo Science
4. Paddling Brutality and Injuries
5. Reasons for Paddling
6. Can We Justify Child and Adolescent abuse?
7. Does Paddling Do Any Good?
8. The Phallic Paddle
9. Padding in the Digital Age: “Bringing Back the ‘Good Old Days?’”
·Does Men Paddling Cheerleaders Bring Back “the Good Old Days?”
·Paddling in the Digital Age Bring Back “the Good Old Days?”
·“Butt spanking daddy” is videotaping you…
·Cheap spycams
·“Bend over and grab your ankles. Stand back up, and move three inches right. Bend back over. Stand back up, and move forward two inches. Bend back over….”
·General secrecy, but maybe a few loose photos too?
·Time/Video Quotes
10. “Did Jesus Teach "School Paddling?”
11. Other Religious Views
12. Lifetime Sexual and Psychological Damage for Victims and Witnesses
13. Sadism: a Job Hazard for Paddlers
14. School Paddling as Sexual Harassment
In their own words… excerpts from interviews with recently paddled young women. The emphasis here is on aspects of men paddling young women where there is an excessive amount of time and posing involved that might indicate secret videotaping and “drawing it out.” As with the other quotes throughout the book, the term “swats” is often used in place of other euphemisms for hitting people with boards, such as “pops” and “licks,” to help blend the victim’s identities.
There was a long wait between swats, about 20-30 seconds. It took a long time to give the licks. I was in the office about a half hour altogether.
… If that paddling was recorded, I think people would be shocked at how long it all took.
Next day my mom, who did not want me to be paddled, and I saw the administration guy for four hours plus! I made an effort to dress smart in a nice dress, and the whole lot, for the meeting. He says “spank” to the Principal and the AP—all of them come back and say, “2 weeks suspension or 7 swats with the paddle—my choice.”
I thought, “Screw this, I’ll do the swats and get it over with.” I went to the discipline office, waited another hour plus again! Then the paddling 2 swats, 2 swats, and 3 swats from Mr. Sanchez. He took a long time giving the swats and there was a lot of lecturing again so I was in the office a long time [one hour] too.
[The first few swats of the paddling] I was in the office about 6 minutes, then I had to wait a half hour, then I was called in for more swats and the second time I was in the office for about 15 minutes. The paddling took nearly an hour altogether. I was actually bent over for 4 minutes the first time, and about 10 minutes the second time. The first set of swats came fast—about 10 seconds apart. The next five were given with about 30 seconds or more between and they were so hard and I was having trouble staying bent over. I had about 2 minutes before the 4th swat from Mr. Hanners. I could see him moving his feet to get his position and swing just right and it was VERY painful.
[I got paddled by] two male assistant principals. I had to bend over and touch my toes in the office and wait like that to be spanked, and Mr. Kruse left the door open while he waited for the witness to come in. Then they lectured me while I was bent over for a few more minutes before the paddling started.
I was ordered to face the lockers. Then I had to spread my legs so my feet were about 15 inches apart. Then I had to bend over and grab my ankles and keep my legs locked straight. I looked down or sideways to see when swats were coming. I was out in the hall with the principals for about three or four minutes. Mr. Walters waited anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds in between swats. It varied. I don’t remember if there was [a security camera] pointed at me or not. There were video cameras in the hall for sure.
Chapter 9: Padding in the Digital Age: “Bringing Back the ‘Good Old Days?’”