1. “Culture War” Propaganda that Supports Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse
2. School Beatings in the News “Parental “Support” (as long as they remain ignorant)
3. Paddling: “Out of Control” Pseudo Science
4. Paddling Brutality and Injuries
5. Reasons for Paddling
6. Can We Justify Child and Adolescent abuse?
7. Does Paddling Do Any Good?
8. The Phallic Paddle
9. Padding in the Digital Age: “Bringing Back the ‘Good Old Days?’”
10. “Did Jesus Teach "School Paddling?”
11. Other Religious Views
12. Lifetime Sexual and Psychological Damage for Victims and Witnesses
·Victim’s Quotes: Feelings About Paddling
·Paddling’s lifelong, mostly hidden, effects on the victims
·Does the sexual nature of paddling really have to be explained?
·Others affected: The teen who witnessed a man slapping a woman…
·“Who would be affected if ‘Mr. Brady’ had spanked Marcia on TV?”
·Effects on the Witnesses Quotes
·Psychological Dissociation
·The Stockholm Syndrome
·Masochism Perversions Forced Upon Schoolgirls
·Manipulative Sado-masochistic “Praise” Quotes
13. Sadism: a Job Hazard for Paddlers
14. School Paddling as Sexual Harassment
We were sent up to office, and got called in one at a time. I heard the others get punished. The door wasn't fully closed, just pushed to, and I heard the whops loud and clear in twos, and my buddies’ yelps. My turn came, and I closed the door behind me as there were other students waiting out there to be paddled also. ...our paddling was the talk of the entire school.
The [two male Janitors who watched me get paddled] got plenty of laughs out of it and they joked whenever I met them in the halls for WEEKS. It wasn't embarrassing, just BORING…same jokes about sitting down and glowing in the dark and shit…
There was a substitute teacher who'd come watch paddlings (not just me, other girls as well). He watched lots of girls get paddlings but not as an official witness. Said he was doing an academic paper or something. Also paddlings got interrupted a few times with other students or faculty coming into the office. One instance stands out was when I was paddled and… both janitors were in the office…. They were standing right behind me, I guess staring at my ass, while Mr. Johnson started the beating. He seemed to hit harder, like he was showing off in front of them. Not a nice experience.
You have to call off swats loud--just the number and “sir” or “ma'am” depending on who's issuing the licks. That way people outside can hear too I guess.
The first time I was paddled there were two other students waiting in lobby and they could hear me getting spanked, along with one other in hall when I came out. The second time there were four or five students in lobby waiting to see principals…. I was still bent over and he left the door open so maybe some of the guys waiting could see in….
Kids were paddled every day, but there were special paddle sessions on Thursday. The names of people up for the special paddling sessions were put on a notice board so everyone knew who was going to be punished.
You can hear a student “calling off” swats outside in the lobby area. I've been in there when others have been paddled. I wasn't yelling loud, but I guess they could hear outside. I called off like “One sir,” “Two sir,” …
Chapter 12: Lifetime Sexual and Psychological Damage for Victims and Witnesses